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     Boundary Issues      was created through a series of cuts and extractions of the gallery walls:    first, a framed partition wall was removed exposing a “wedge” of new gallery space that had been previously enclosed; second, around the perimeter of the triangular space, a line was inscribed on the wall denoting the elevation of the exterior grade on the opposite side of the gallery walls; third, portions of sheetrock walls and framing below this line were removed to expose this subterranean condition to the interior; finally, bricks were removed from an existing, previously blocked window opening and replaced with a monolithic sheet of frameless glass.      The piece engages the boundaries between art and architecture, between finish, structure and enclosure, and between being above and below grade. In doing so, it viscerally situates the viewer against the immediate presence of the exterior soil, and the distant presence of the constructed Atlanta skyline.
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