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        Formerly a Chevrolet paint and auto body repair shop, the site is repurposed as a synagogue for 400 families, including a sanctuary, chapel, social hall, offices, and classrooms.  The existing tilt-up concrete panels and pre-engineered long-span steel frames are strategically modified and re-used to house both interior and new exterior spaces, including courtyards and gardens for special functions and celebrations.  The multifaceted ceiling of the primary sanctuary space serves as a ceremonial tent to services below, punctured by hidden skylights around the perimeter of the room.  Sliding glass doors allow overflow seating to spill into the Social Hall and exterior courtyard beyond for special holidays.     The project is rooted in the acceptance of the existing structure and asphalt surround as a compelling starting point, allowing for inventive material re-use, unexpected spatial connections, and fluid indoor-outdoor uses.
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