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       The completed masterplan envisions the facility as renovated and enlarged to a size of 45,000 SF, including a reconfigured Main Stage Theater; a new Rehearsal Hall; student performance, practice, and technical facilities; a Black Box Theatre; and new public performance venues in indoor and outdoor landscape spaces. The central focus of the project is the method by which the building engages the campus community, with a new front performance plaza, public lobby, and building frontage along the full south and east facades. The existing masonry construction would be cut away and replaced with a continuous glass window wall at sidewalk level, affording views to and from public spaces, back of house areas, and production facilities.  More than just an enlarged university arts complex, within the context of the Institute's commitment to expanding the presence and importance of the arts on the campus of Georgia Tech, the renovated Ferst Center is envisioned as a scaffold for new academic initiatives, envisioning performance venues and common spaces as "laboratories for the arts and technology".
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